Ministry of Agriculture

Těšnov 17, 117 05 Praha 01

Chairman of the Council of the National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources, Animals and Micro-Organisms Important for Food and Agriculture:
Ing. Petr Jílek
tel.: 221 812 461

Head of Unit of Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Strategies:
Ing. Vlastimil Zedek
Tel.: 221 812 892

Crop Research Institute

Drnovská 507, 161 06 Praha – Ruzyně

National Coordinator of PGR and Head of Genebank:
Ing. Vojtěch Holubec, CSc.
Tel.: 232 022 497

Administrator of the information system of PGR:
Ing.Ludmila Papoušková, Ph.D.
Tel.: 232 022 374